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Advanced Jump Rope Tricks That Will Challenge You

20 Advanced Jump Rope Tricks That Will Challenge You

There are fun, advanced, but challenging jump rope tricks that will help you build your cardio and endurance. Before you go further to add some advanced and challenging jump rope tricks, you need to master the basics. If you are a beginner in jumping rope, you should read our previous article on jump rope moves.

These famous jump rope tricks do not only increase the intensity of your exercise; it burns calories effectively.

The 20 Challenging Jump Rope Tricks


1. The Double Under Trick

jump rope trick

Although this is similar to the traditional jump, there is one key difference. The rope will pass under you two times with each jump instead of once. You need o to be aware that this is one of the famous jump rope tricks that demands speed and coordination.

Also a proper jump rope length is important

  • You always start with the basic jump.
  • Then, increase the rope’s speed, jump a little bit higher than usual, and be careful not to kick your legs behind you.
  • You should do double passes with the jump rope instead of just one with each jump.

2. The Boxer Skip

jump rope trick

This is one of the challenging jump rope tricks you will encounter in your jumping rope workout routine. Unlike the traditional jump where both feet touch the ground, the boxer skip demands you to shift the weight from one leg to the other. While your weight shifts from right to left, back and forth, tap the alternating leg to create a little skip. The name comes from this small skip.

3. Jump Rope Burpee

jump rope trick

Every experienced rope jumper understands that this is one of the hardest jump rope tricks anyone can engage in. You need to have a great deal of coordination and cardiovascular stamina. Before trying this move, ensure you have become proficient with burpees.

  • You begin the move with the basic jump
  • After that, you drop down into a burpee; you can include a push-up or not.
  • When you jump back up, do a basic jump before dropping down again into a burpee.

4. Double Dutch

jump rope trick

This is a very challenging jump rope trick that requires you have a good understanding of the nuances of the movement. Not just you, the turners must understand the proper rhythm before you take part in it.

  • It would be best if you had the turners start the ropes with a steady rhythm.
  • If you are not new to double Dutch, jump into the rope from one of the turners. However, as a newbie, you can jump in through the middle.
  • You must be prepared to make several tries to get the rhythm if you are trying double Dutch for the first time. It takes excellent rhythm and quick movement to excel in a double Dutch jump rope trick.
  • Although you may feel the urge to look down and keep track of the ropes, don’t do that. It would be best if you relied on your instinct and the sound of the ropes.
  • It would be best if you practiced more often to master this hard and challenging jump rope trick.

5. Double Side Swipe

jump rope trick

Another challenging jump rope trick is the double side swipe. In this technique, you must remember that your hands are always together. While you have your hands in front of your body, hold the hands to straight out. Now do an easy swing from one side to the other while almost touching your knuckles together. You need to ensure that your jump rope stays tight while you are practicing this challenging jump trick.

6. Travels Jump Trick

jump rope trick

Travels jump trick is one of the most challenging jump rope tricks you can engage in. It is a good challenge for your coordination and control. You will have to travel forward and backward while jumping rope. However, you must maintain a basic jump while engaging in this trick. You must not change to a bunny hop or skip in the middle of your travel jump.

  • First, you will start with a basic jump routine
  • You travel forward while jumping around five jumps or more depending on the available space.
  • Travel backward in the same number of hops.

7. The Criss-Cross

Crisscross Jump GIF | Gfycat

The last but not the least is the Criss-Cross jump rope trick. It is one of the famous jump rope tricks, and it is impressive and fun. The regular bounce is the fundamental element of the Criss-Cross technique. Once you have mastered the regular bounce, you can proceed to this technique’s more challenging and key aspect.

Crossing your hands is the key aspect, hence the name Criss-Cross. You will have to choose the hand you want to be on top. The movement appears like your right hand is putting your gun away in a holster on your left hip while your left hand is putting anther gun away on your right hip.

8. The Twist

jump rope trick

This is one of the hardest jump rope tricks that engages your core muscles more than a traditional jump. You start with the basic jump, but while landing, twist the bottom of your body. Your legs should land pointing in that direction while your upper will face the front. On the landing, you will twist to the other side and keep alternating from one side to another with each landing.

9. Mic Release

The Jump rope Mic release is an awesome jump rope release drill and really opens up a new dimension of skipping once you manage it to add it to your daily drills. Small disclaimer: It’s addictive, so proceed with extreme caution haha. Also, it’s a pretty hard move so don’t expect to get it down right away. However, when you understand the mechanics, you can take a few minutes every training to drill it down, until you can finally do them flawlessly.

10. Elevate 360 Wrap

If you want add some flare to your jump rope routine, then this advanced jump rope trick will be the perfect addition to your arsenal of jump rope moves. This move was created by yours truly, Geraldo of Elevate Rope. This is a super fun and creative movement that can make you look like a total jump rope pro. Check out the explainer video below.

11. Side Swing Cross Over

A side swing crossover is a beginner jump rope move that basically syncs two moves into one. The side swing and the crossover. The real magic happens in the transition from the side swing to the cross over. At the end of the second side swing you transition your jump rope into position to complete a basic crossover jump. Give this advanced jump rope trick a try in your next workout.

12. Frog Jump

This advanced jump rope trick is a freestyle move that should only be approached by intermediate jump ropers. The frog jump is like a basic rotation in jump rope, except you launch from your feet to your hands. Just like a frog launches with their back legs and lands on their front legs, you’ll be doing the same in this jump rope move. Check out the tutorial video below.

13. Mike Tyson Jump Rope Squats

If you want to give your legs a major burn in your next jump rope workout, then you’ll need to look to one of the greats for inspiration. Mike Tyson, one of the most infamous boxers of all time was an avid jump roper. Not only does jump rope increase endurance & agility, but it’s also a great strength & conditioning workout. In order to do the Mike Tyson Jump Rope Squats, all you need to do is squat down during your jump rope rotation. When it comes time to jump, your jumping out of the squat position. After about 5-10 minutes of this routine, your quads will be on fire!

14. Skier & Bell Jumps

Tired of doing basic jumping in your jump rope routines? Skier & Bell jumps add a nice rhythm to your routine. Skier jumps consist of jumping left and right, alternating each time like a skier going down the slopes. Bell Jumps are similar, except your jumping forward & backward like a bell swinging in harmony. To take this a step further you can alternate between these jumps to increase agility.

15. Forward Knot

Just like tying a knot, you’re going to be doing some interesting twist in this one. The forward knot has one hand behind your back and one hand under your knees. You’ll be using your wrists to spin the jump rope. You’ll find at first you may get twisted up in the rope, keep trying this advanced jump rope trick to get it right.

16. Push-Up Jump

Looking for a full-body workout? Then you need to incorporate push-ups into your jump routine. Similar to the frog jump, the push-up movement is done at the bottom of the rotation. You do a basic jump, drop down into a push-up, and then spring back up.

17. Basic Jump

Basic jump is an essential jump rope trick a beginner should learn. It’s basically an easy workout used regularly during workout routines with the use of heavy ropes. This type is a recommendable exercise to all beginners before moving to another jump rope workout.

18. Single Foot Jump

The single foot jump is not really practiced during workouts. But they are really fun to do. You want to improve balance and coordination really quick, this workout is suitable for you. Although, the workout is not easy and stressful to do just do it when you feel ready and prepared.

19. Heel Toe Step

You want a good footwork, right? Heel toe step jump rope workout is made for this. It’s basically fun to do and utilizing it into it into your jump rope routine is a good benefit.

20. Alternate foot jumps

The alternate foot step jump is very effective and regularly used by beginners and athletes. You just have to add it to your workout routine. It is basically a high-intensity workout and helps burn fat in the body. A heavy rope is the best tool for this workout. Thus, if you want to push yourself to the max, add it to your workout routine.


Now go and explore these famous jump rope tricks to spice up your jump rope workout routine. For suggestions, questions, and contributions, kindly make use of the comment box provided below.

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