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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Elevate Family?

The Elevate Family is a huge group of jump rope enthousiasts trying to spread the sport of jumping rope across the globe.

We do this by sharing cool jump rope content, engaging with others in the community and elevating ourselves and everyone around us to become the best version of themselves, using jump rope as a vehicle.

Can I earn money by being a member of Elevate?

Yes, you definitely can. We have tons of products on our website which you can re-sell as an affiliate. That way you don’t have to worry about shipping, customer service or product creation. You are simply able to grab your affiliate link from your backoffice, your personal discount code from your welcome email and start selling right away!

I'm a rookie and just started out my jump rope journey. Is this the right fit for me?

Right now is the PERFECT time to join our Family!

A big group of our Family members are just starting their jump rope journey and are looking for guidance and a way to learn more tricks and variations, fast.

For this group of people I’ve created a structured and resourceful start up training area that takes you by the hand with mastering the basics, learning your first tricks, putting them together into combinations, and growing as a jumper.

>> Take me to the startup training video series now

Is this just another affiliate website?
No. While there is a huge affiliate backend system specifically made for making money by re-selling our products, our elevate family is a complete digital jump rope community.
Our belief is that in the upcoming years, jumping rope will continue to grow and impact lives, and having an engaging community in place, working to fuel that cause is one of our core drives.
Our Elevate Family and our platform lays out the strategies so you can master the art of jumping rope from novice to pro and gives you the tools and means to share that epiphany with others, looking for a way to elevate to a better version of themselves, using jump rope as a vehicle.
I can't promise to stay active, am I a right fit?
Yes. Within the Elevate Family, You aren’t forced to anything and can be as active or inactive as you’d like to be.
Freedom is something we value a lot. 
While being a member of Elevate, can I promote other brands?
Absolutely. As I said before, You aren’t forced to anything. 
We don’t hold grudges or see other brands as competition. 
You choose whatever brands you want to promote, how much you want to promote, how to promote it and how frequent to promote. 
Our main drive is inspiring people to become a better version of themselves both mentally and physically. How you fit in that picture, is completely up to you.  
How can I get my video featured on the Elevate brand pages?

In order to be featured, upload a fancy reel of you skipping which you think would fit our brand page perfectly and tag us as a collaborator. 

More questions? Feel free to reach out!

When do I get paid?

Payouts happen around every 5th of the month. 

You’ll receive an email from WISE on the email you’ve signed up with, asking you for your bank details. 

After you’ve given us the details we need, we will transfer the amount in commissions directly to your bank. 

We suggest creation a WISE account and linking your bank to it. That way we will be able to automatically transfer your funds after your account is connected to ours. 

Meet the Elevate Family – Best of Jump Rope 2022

Together we Elevate. 

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