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Glute Jump Rope Workouts - Top 5 Jump Rope Workouts for a Bigger Butt

Glute Jump Rope Workouts – Top 5 Jump Rope Workouts for a Bigger Butt

Do you know that having a naturally bigger butt and a shapelier derriere is possible? Many ladies interested in having it artificially know that it is expensive and risky. Well, here, all you need is to be friendly with jump rope workouts. Basically, friendliness won’t be enough. You need to start glute jump rope workouts to increase your butt significantly.

It is not an opinion that you can get a bigger butt from jumping rope. This exercise, one of the jump rope workouts, is an intense and efficient activity in toning your butt. Of course, its energy-demanding nature helps in contracting all your muscles for a bigger butt quickly.



Key Takeaways

The glute jump rope workouts have a range of essential health benefits. Its low learning curve makes it more convenient to do. Asides from its apparent reason for making your butt bigger, It also improves mental coordination for the better and burnout calories intensely. It elevates the heart rate and tones the muscles around the butt firmly.



Table of Contents


Some Benefits of Glute Jump Rope Workouts For Bigger Butt

There are incredible benefits to learning how to workout your butt jumping rope. Firstly, you need to understand that you don’t need previous experience to exercise with a jump rope. After all, the activity is learner-friendly and even applicable if you are interested in losing weight.

Glute jump rope workouts are not monotonous like jogging that keeps you on a spot. They are a blend of different jumping steps. Read on to find out how to tone your butt jumping rope.

glute jump rope workouts



Preparing to Get a Bigger Butt Using Jump Rope

You should acquire workout gear to start your glute jump rope workouts. Also, getting aerobic shoes with plenty of cushioning would be excellent for your toes. After those, a lightweight jump rope will be just perfect for you to kickstart.


To avoid an injury or getting tired quickly, always hold the ends of your jump rope lightly. Also, always keep your shoulders relaxed, and remember to keep your elbows by your sides. Similarly, your knees shouldn’t collide, and only your wrist should turn the rope.



Five (5) Glute Jump Rope Workouts for Bigger Butt

Discussed below are five exercises and what jump rope workout target your glutes. To ensure an effective jump rope workout, there are some additions to workouts like squatting.



1.     Squat Jump Rope Workout

This is about jumping over the rope with a slight hop for 20 seconds. Your feet must be hip-wide apart, and your knees must lower your body to maintain a squat position. You are to jump-rope slowly, pushing the balls of your feet against the ground to bounce you up.



2.     Front Saddle Jump Rope Workout

glute jump rope workouts

This is relatively easier compared to the squat jump rope workout, and it takes 30 seconds. It involves jumping a rope and landing with only the balls of your feet. Additionally, as you land, you alternate each of your legs, bringing them forward and backward.



3.     High Knees Jump Rope and Air Squat Workouts

This method goes for 30 seconds. It is a jump with pressure. As you jump the rope, you should push your knees towards your chest. You are to take 10 seconds break and begin to air-squat.

To air squat, your feet are to be shoulder-width apart and pointed straight. As you squat, your hips should make downward and backward movements. Additionally, you are to make your hips descend lower than your knees.



4.     Run on a Spot and Sumo Squat Workouts

This is to take 30 seconds. It is about running on a spot and swinging the rope beneath your feet. You are to take a break and begin to sumo squat.

To sumo squat, stand with your feet slightly wider than the hip-width level. Claps your hands and holds them to your chest. Begin to squat with your hips pushed backward, holding your head straight and lifting your upper body.



5.     Boxer Skip and Side-to-Side Workouts

In this workout, your feet should leave the ground alternately as if you are jogging on a spot. As you proceed, you can speed up your pace with your knees going a bit upward.

To do the side-to-side squat, stand straight and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Press your hips back and squat. Stand up, taking a small step to the side, and then squat again. Return to the initial position and repeat the movement until the set is complete.

glute jump rope workouts



Final Words

Conclusively, having a bigger butt depends on the size of your body. If you’re underweight and you want to do the glute jump rope workouts. It won’t come easily, so you might have to add more weight to see a significant difference in your curves.



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