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Jump Rope & Weight Training 15 Facts You Never Knew

Jump Rope & Weight Training: 15 Facts You Never Knew

There are certain things you need to know and understand about jump rope and weight lift training. This post will guide you to explore all possible facts about jump rope for weight lifting. Before we go further, let us look into the inherent benefits of both jumping rope and lifting weight.

Note: Using a heavy jumping rope while you also work out is a great extra to gain a bit of extra muscle.

Key Takeaway

  • There is no particular order to engage in your Jump rope and weight lift training.
  • Jump rope and weight lift workout is ideal for a healthy and fit body.
  • You need to always go for the best jump rope for workout because anything less will not yield the desired result.

Table Of Content

jump rope weight training

What are the Benefits of Jump Rope and Weight Lift Training?

There are many benefits you stand to gain from jump rope and weight training. It is not all about stamina and building muscles. There is more to that than meets eye, and we will explore them all. So, let us consider some of these benefits before going over to the facts about jump rope for weight lifting.

Jumping rope increases the rate at which you burn calories. In fact, research has shown that jumping rope can help us burn at least a thousand calories per hour. Jumping rope also increases muscle engagement, improve cardio, and mental sharpness. Also, jumping rope is a fun and interesting way for you to achieve fitness. It’s always great trying out new styles and skills with your jump rope.

When it comes to weight lift training, there are practically too many benefits to count. It boosts your metabolism and increases the rate of fat loss. According to Brody Thorne, vice president of personal training at GoodLife Fitness, weight lift training improves your posture, sleep, mood, and even energy levels. Aside from its aesthetic, physiological, and strength benefits, jump rope and weight lift training positively impact our thinking.

Now that you have known these benefits, let’s explore the facts about jump rope and weight lift workout.  

15 Facts About Jump Rope With Weight Lift Training

Here are some of the fun facts you never knew about jump rope and weight lift training:

1. Weightlift Training builds denser bones

Aside from helping you build and develop your muscles, weight lifting helps you prevent osteoporosis by building denser bones.

2. It keeps you lean

Jump rope with weight training helps increase your lean body mass, which is essential for a healthy physique. Once we are beyond the age of 25, we lose at least a pound of lean body mass. However, we can do something about it by engaging in jump rope and weight lift training.

3. This routine amps our aerobic system

You can get some aerobic benefits when you engage in jump rope and weight lift workouts. This can only happen is you go at it continuously and not intermittently checking your phone or another activity.

4. Weightlift workout is efficient

If you are not a bodybuilder, there is no need for you to spend hours weight lifting. With an effective continuous circuit, you can complete the process in as little as 30 minutes.

5. You become a better runner

When you jump rope for weight lifting, it will make you swim and run faster. Building relative power through lifting makes you run faster times.

6. You become more flexible

Jump rope for weight lifting can improve your flexibility. The key is always for you to engage in a full range of motion at the shoulder, midsection, and hips.

7. It increases sex drive in guys

Weight lifting improves your sex life as a guy because it causes your body to produce more testosterone. Testosterone has a positive influence on a man’s sex life.

8. You don’t need larger muscles to become powerful

There is a misconception that the larger your muscles, the more powerful you become. That is not entirely true. If you are a 175-lb athlete and you drop to 160 lbs while maintaining the same power and strength, your relative power has increased.

9. Your heart will be in good shape

Strength training helps boost the flow of blood while also decreasing blood pressure. The more muscle mass you have, the less likely it is for you to suffer from heart disease.

10. It improves your performance on the field

It helps to boost sports performance. You can see why we have boxers, footballers, basketball players, etc all lifting weights and jumping rope.

11. It improves the health of your joints

Jump rope with weight training involves multi-joint movements, hence helping to keep your joints in good shape.

 12. Cardio may have an impact on your muscle gains

In most cases, cardio can affect your muscle gains. It is possible that it will limit the maximum amount of pure strength that you can generate from your weight lift and jump rope training.

 13. Moderate intensity and longer duration is always better for weight loss

It is better to engage in long-duration workout training and not high-intensity workout.

14. You build more endurance through supersets

You get better results when you lift continuously, rather than resting in between sets.

 15. Women’s muscles recover faster

When it comes to lifting weight, women have some advantages over men. One thing is that their muscles recover faster than that of men because they regenerate ATP faster than guys.

Should I jump rope before or after weightlifting?

The sequence to carry out your jump rope and weight lift workout doesn’t really matter. There are lots of people who are faced with this same question every day. It is all a matter of personal preference and the one that works best for you. However, jumping rope before your weight lift exercise will decrease the effect of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). It can also reduce your productivity level while weight lifting.

Training Routine for Jump Rope & Weight Training

Now that you understand either of the two exercises can come first, let’s highlight the suitable routine for you.

1. Weight Training Routine

This exercise requires 3 minutes of rest in between each session. The weight kilogram to lift depends on your ability and your fitness objective.

–         4 sets of chest flat barbell bench press

–         3 sets of shoulders seated dumbbell press

–         3 sets of back bent over barbell rows

–        Another 3 sets of triceps dips

–         3 sets of biceps incline dumbbell curls.

The above exercises are suitable for the upper body. For the lower body, you can try the following workout;

–         4 sets of legs barbell back squats

–         3 sets of legs press

–        Then, do 3 sets of quadriceps seated leg extensions

–         3 sets of quadriceps dumbbell

–         3 sets of calves’ calf press on the leg press

–         4 sets of abs decline crunches

2. Jump Rope HIIT Workout

These exercises should be done with a heavy jump rope. Alternatively, you can switch the jump rope as the training get intense.

–         20 seconds of basic jump rope

–         30 seconds of squat jump

–         30 seconds of mountain climber

–         Now, do 30 seconds of alternating foot jump

–         30 seconds of drop squat

–         30 seconds of forearm plank

–         Another 30 seconds of freestyle jump

–         30 seconds of bodyweight squat

The jump rope weight training should be done with 30 seconds rest between them.

3. Advanced Workout Routine

This is a bit intense than the beginner’s routine. You shouldn’t feel stress in any part of your body if you have practised the above exercises.

–         5 sets of back barbell deadlift

–         Do 5 sets of back pullups

–         5 sets of pulldowns

–         4 sets of biceps standing cable curls.

–         20 seconds of basic jump rope

–         30 seconds of squat jump

–        Try 30 seconds of mountain climber

–         30 seconds of alternating foot jump

–         30 seconds of drop squat


The combination of jump rope and weight lift training has great benefits for your body. However, you need to get at it in a way that will give your body the best positive result at all times.

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