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Aqua Blue Speed Rope - Elevate Rope
Elevate Speed Ropes – are just perfect for those who are looking to do fast-paced cardio sessions, cross-fit, double-unders, boxing, tricking and combine the realm of freestyle and cardio skipping!
Why a speed rope❓
Every kind of rope has its own benefits and fits a different style of skipping. The structure of a speed rope consists out of a 5MM Nylon core rope hugged in durable, colourful PVC.

The rope slices through the air, which results in more speed. Simultaneously, the 5MM PVC cord structure provides enough feedback for you to feel the whereabouts of the rope better, which results in less trip-ups and a better skipping experience.

A speed rope has proven to be perfect for beginner- to advanced jumpers and any skills that require more speed and higher intensity.

Having said that. We live and breath by quality. If your rope snaps within the first 90 days, we will send you a new one. On top of that, you get a LIFETIME guarantee on all of our handles. No questions asked. That’s how confident we are. 

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