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Top Jump Rope Moves to Spice Your Workout

Top 20 Jump Rope Moves to Spice Your Workout in 2022

Last Updated: January, 2022
jump rope moves

Do you want to learn some new jump rope moves but don’t know the ones to choose from? It doesn’t matter if you have been jumping rope for years or you just got started today. Learning a new jump rope workout will always make your exercise fun and interesting. 

In this post, we are sharing 10 fun jump rope exercises that you can learn and use during your workout routines. Although it is an old-fashioned aerobic exercise routine, it is an efficient calorie burner. Now let’s dig in to explore these top 10 jump rope workouts.


Key Takeaway

Jumping rope is an efficient way of reducing the calorie content in your body. Although it might look simple, not following the necessary steps and moves may reduce the efficiency of your workout. Therefore, you must know the different jump rope moves that will spice your workout.

  • Alternate foot jump
  • Jump rope jacks
  • Side swing
  • Cross leg jump
  • Double unders

Top 10 Jump Rope Moves For You

1. The Basic Jump

jump rope moves

This is the most fundamental jump rope exercise, and every beginner needs to learn it. The basic jump is a simple exercise that we frequently use during our jump rope workout routines, especially with heavy ropes. If you are new to jumping rope, you should learn this basic jump rope trick. After you must have learnt this, you can move over to any other jump rope tricks. 

2. The Lateral Hops

jump rope moves

This is another jump rope trick that you can use to burn calories and maintain fitness. You begin with the basic jump to find your rhythm. Once you have become comfortable with the cadence, start shifting your feet away from your midline with each jump. Ensure you alternate it from left to right, and it doesn’t have to be dramatic to achieve its purpose.

3. The Half-Jacks 

jump rope moves

You start by alternating between jumping with your feet together and jumping with your feet wider apart. Before you start, you have to return to your standard jumping pattern. Ensure you keep light on your toes and be careful not to move your feet so wide that the catch on the sides of the rope as it rotates. 

4. High Knees Jump Rope Trick

jump rope moves

Once you have hit you grove with your standard jump, start to alternate your hops with one foot at a time. Gradually, you begin hiking your knees towards your chest with each jump, forming a right angle with your lifted knee. Note that you will rely on your core for balance and endurance while engaging in this jump rope exercise. 

5. The Skiers

Skiers are one of the jump rope tricks you can enjoy while keeping fit and having fun with a jump rope. You can start this jump rope move by moving from your standard jumping position and then ease into it. Begin by separating your feet vertically with both legs landing within the same jump at the same time. It would be best if you remained on your toes as your legs move further apart to create a scissor motion with the legs in the middle of each jump. 

6. The Boxer-Step Jump

jump rope moves

This is one of the jump rope exercises popularized by boxers. It is a classic jump rope that allows you to jump for longer periods at a time. The reason is you constantly shift your body weight from one side to the other. If you want to improve your endurance and boost your cardio, it is a great jump rope move for you. You can do this by swinging the rope in front of your body, and down to the floor. As the rope travels under your feet and lands on the left side, your left leg makes the landing while the right leg touches. You then swing the rope again around your body and jump over rope again, landing to the right side. The right let lands while the left leg touches.

7. Jump Rope Criss-Cross

jump rope moves

It is a popular jump rope trick, but your need time and patience to master it. However, once you get it, it will help you target your upper body muscles more effectively during your exercise routines. It kind of looks pretty great to try out. To do this, you to stand with your legs shoulder-width apart while you stretch out your arms to either side with your palms facing down. Now jump and cross your right arm over your left and place your right leg over your left. You can back to the starting position and then cross with the opposite arm and foot.

8. The Double Single-Foot Jump

jump rope moves

Starting from your standing position, shift your weight your right foot and jump twice while the left foot is in the air. Repeat the same process and keep alternating along the line. As you grow comfortable with this jump rope exercise, the more single jumps, you can add. 

9. Running Hops

jump rope moves

You continue to alternate until your movement looks like a job. Spin the rope faster and increase the speed of feet at the same time.  

10. Half and Full Twist

jump rope moves

It is a fun variation of the basic jump, and you can enjoy the fun it brings. However, before starting, ensure you already got the motion and rhythm; ensure you already have the rope. 

11. Jump Rope High Knees

jump rope moves

If you’re tire of the basic jump rope moves, give this jump rope move a try. High knees involve bringing your knees to your chest during each rotation, alternating knees as you go. This is great for mobility and stamina. Bringing your knees higher requires more flexibility & mobility during your routine.

12. Mummy Kicks

Add some variety to your movements in your next jump rope workout with mummy kicks. It’s similar to a basic jump, except your kicking your feet out in front of you like a mummy to increase the workout on your quads and calves. This is an easy way to spice up a normal routine.

13. Heel Toe

Need to work on your footwork and mobility, give heel-toe jumps a try. A lot of athletes utilize this jump rope move to increase their agility and footwork. Not only that, by jumping using your toes you’re activating your calves more. You’ll start to feel a really nice burn in your calves after doing this jump rope variation. It’s like a normal jump except one foot pushes forward to touch the heel to the ground, while the other lands on the toes to get ready for the jump.

14. Backwards Jump

This fundamental jump rope move is going to feel a little different but oddly familiar. That’s because it is exactly like a basic jump, except your rotating the rope in reverse. So you’re anticipating the rope coming behind you before the jump, timing will feel different but you will become more alert with time.

15. Straddle Jump

This is similar to a basic jump except you’re going to be spreading your legs out. Just like you straddle a saddle on a horse, during this movement you’ll be spreading your legs out during jumps and bringing them back together. It will feel similar to the lower half of a jumping jack.


16. The alternate foot step jump

This jump rope trick is effective for you if you are interested in having a high-intensity workout. You will achieve high weight loss if the exercise is done with a heavy rope and with maximum pace. The alternate foot step jump has been proved to be very effective, especially if you are not new to jumping rope.


17. Jump rope jacks

This is one of the most enjoyable jump rope tricks for all jumpers. The jump rope jack will improve your coordination and help you do your basic jumps with fun. You can learn this jump rope skill after learning the basic jump rope.


18. Side swing jump

This is a jump rope move that you can use for the workout of the upper part of your body. The exercise is straightforward, and you also can rest during the exercise. This workout is recommended for you if you aim to burn calories. It is an effective way to achieve your fitness goal.


19. Cross leg jump

This jump is similar to the cross jacks because it’s associated with crossing a leg after each jump. You can start the cross-leg jump with a basic jump with your leg jack out when landing. You will then follow your second landing with your foot crossing each other. You will continue to alternate your leg between jacking it out and crossing when you are landing.


20. Double Unders jump

You can start this move with rudimentary jumps and then consistently increase the speed of your jump and rope. Later on, you should do two passes with the rope as a substitute for one with each jump. You must avoid kicking your feet behind you during the jump. The workout can help you improve your strength.


All these jump moves we have listed and explained will help you to always have fun during your workouts. You can drop your questions and contributions, kindly make use of the comment box provided below. 

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